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Open FGC Talent Training

Once a month we organise our FGC Open Talen training sessions.

These training sessions are open to every gymnast who wants to have a training session in a nice gymnastics hall.

We welcome FGC members and gymnasts who are not a member of our club, who want to improve their gymnastics skills and makenew friends.

Each Training has a theme and we also include a free round where gymnasts can do someting by choice.

The Open Training Sessions are on:

  1. Saturday 25 March 2023 Salto Training
  2. Saturday 29 April 2023 Backhandspring Training
  3. Saturday 27 May 2023 Flexibility trainsing
  4. Saturday 10 June 2023 Beam Queen Training

Registration or more information?

If you fill in your details via the Contact Form, we will contact you shortly.