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Competition Team 

Our Competition Group includes gymnasts from 8 years.

These gymnasts are trained to do competitions at national and international level.

Most gymnasts have 2-3 training sessions a week. Gymnasts who wish to do the Elite program have 6-11 training sessions per week.

Our ambition is to give each gymnast a chance to join our Competition Group by good training and providing a basis for National Tests.

The road to the top is an educational adventure for our gymnasts, the girls learn a lot about themselves and what it takes to be an Elite gymnast.

So they must be prepared to train in the morning and in the afternoon / evening and it is important that they have enough sleep to endure the workouts.

By participating in tournaments in countries like America, Germany, England and Belgium, we always make time to acquaint gymnasts with the culture of the country.

It thus contributes to participate in an international tournament directly to a piece of general development of the gymnasts.


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