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About us

Funtastic Gymnastic Club was founded in 2011 to enable gymnasts in the region of The Hague to follow their dream of becoming the best gymnast possible

with access to weekly or daily training sessions in top training facilities.

Our training sessions are fun for each gymnast celebrating each succes is always part of our trainings.

We do this with reward stickers, a prize box and every month we honor the gymnast of the month with a medal ceremony.

We are the only gymnastics club in The Hague with gymnasts of all levels competing in International competitions all over the world.

Our gymnastics training sessions are in English and all of our gymnasts are English speaking and are originally from  foreign countries.

Our staff consists of certified coaches with native English speakers and our training sessions are always in the very best gymnastics facilities in Te Hague.


Our Vision

Each gymnast who has the ambition and sufficient talent to do gymnastics at Elite Division level, at Funtastic Gymnastic Club will get the chance to become an Elite Gymnast.

A gymnast who wishes to do competitions at international level has the possibility to attend morning workouts before school and afternoon training sessions after school.

Our goal is to train gymnasts to reach their personal goal and compete at their own level..

We believe that coaches are responsible for safe training situations that give the gymnast confidence in their own abilities.

We attach great importance to respect and we expect that the gymnasts treat each other respectfully, all trainers, parents and the equipment.

Our Mission

We want each gymnast at our club  to have the opportunity to develop their Gymnastics in a positive atmosphere and continue to perform at a higher level.

Besides gymnastics activities, including Funtastic Gymnastic Challenge and Club championships, we also organize an annual Funweekend in Duinrell and Crazy Pizza Night.

Gymnasts who want to do competitions at the international level, can apply for a TOP test.

A good score of the TOP-test the gymnast can be placed in the Talent group or in the Top Selection.

Prerequisite for admission to the top selection is that the gymnast receives an invitation and that the gymnast is willing to participate in training early in the morning and training camps at home and abroad.

We believe that each gymnast should have the opportunity to prepare for a Main Event / Important competition with Test Events / Practice competitions.

These competitions are in the Netherlands and abroad.



Because most of our gymnasts are English speaking, it is also during training instruction is given in English.

Funtastic Gymnastic Club has annual training camp abroad and also takes part in tournaments in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Britain, United States and more countries around the world.

Besides the training sessions and competitions we also participate in cultural activities when we are abroad for competitions.


More information?

If you fill in your details via the Contact Form, we will contact you shortly.